100 yen shop – Discover the cheap side of Japan

Generally, Japan is more expensive than other Asian countries. Therefore, it’s even more fun to discover a 100 Yen store where everything only costs 105 Yen (including tax). You can find these shops all over Japan. For tourists, 100 Yen shops are good to find cheaper sweets and small souvenirs or an emergency umbrella when rain surprises you.

Daiso (ダイソー) 100 yen shop


Daiso is the biggest 100 Yen chain store of Japan. There are more than 2000 Daiso stores which are often located next t obig trainstations or in malls. Next to finding many useful things for your appartment you can also find certain kinds of aliments and drinks. Some of the things are produced in Japan. In Addition Daiso offers the cheapest travel adapters in the whole country. The biggest Daiso 100 Yen shop you find in Takeshita Dori street in Harajuku which spreads over several floors. Check out more of the best Tokyo sightseeing here.


Lawson Store 100

Our very useful friend, 24h convenient store Lawson, also has a 100 Yen branch which focuses on drinks, food and a few household products. The choice is a bit limited but one is not too picky if you can buy things for such little money.

Find the stores on google maps: Daiso or Lawson 100

lawson 100 shop


Find more useful tips for Japan. What’s your favorite store in Japan to buy products for the daily needs?